С табами

About To Rage
Bad Little Doggie
Bad Man Walking
Banks Of The Deep End
Beautifully Broken
Blind Man In The Dark
Brand New Angel
Brighter Days
Child Of The Earth
Drivin' Rain
Endless Parade
Fallen Down
Far Away
Fool's Moon
Game Face
Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy Pt. 1
I Shall Return
I Think You Know What I Mean
I'll Be The One
In My Life
John The Revelator
Larger Than Life
Lay Of The Sunflower
Lay Your Burden Down
Left Coast Groovies
Life Before Insanity
Life On The Outside
Like Flies
Little Toy Brain
Lola Leave Your Light On
Million Miles From Yesterday
Monkey Hill
Mr. High & Mighty
Mr. Man
My Separate Reality
New World Blues
No Celebration
No Need To Suffer
Nothing Again
Painted Silver Light (с табами)
Painted Silver Light
Patchwork Quilt
Perfect Shelter
Raven Black Night
Rocking Horse
Same Price
Silent Scream
Slackjaw Jezebel
Slow Happy Boys
So Weak, So Strong
Streamline Woman
Tastes Like Wine
Tear Me Down
Temporary Saint
Thorazine Shuffle
Time To Confess
Towering Fool
Trying Not To Fail
Unring The Bell
Wandering Child
Which Way Do We Run_
Wine And Blood
World Gone Wild
World Of Confusion
World Of Difference
Worried Down With The Blues