42nd Street
A Shout in the Dark
Against the Grain
Albino Moon
All Day Watcher
Another 45 Miles (с аккордами)
Another 45 Miles
Another 45 Miles (с табами)
Are You Receiving Me
As Long as the Wind Blows
Avalanche of Love
Baby Don't Make Me Nervous
Baby Dynamite
Bad News to Fall in Love (with a Mean Motherfucker
Ballad of a Thin Man
Big Tree, Blue Sea
Bloody Buccaneers
Brother Wind
By Routes
Call Me
Can Do That
Chargin' up My Batteries
Clear Night Moonlight
Con Man
Cruisin' Southern Germany
D Light
Daddy Buy Me a Girl
Daddy's Gonna Save My Soul
Darkness, Darkness
Deja Voodoo
Desperately Trying To Be Different
Distant Love
Don't Stop the Show
Don't Worry
Eight Miles High
Enough Is Enough
Everyday's Torture
Evil Love Chain
Faded Jeans
Fighting Windmills
Fist in Glove
Fluid Conduction
Freedom Don't Last Forever
From Heaven from Hell
Gambler's Blues
Going to The Run (с табами)
Going to the Run
Going To The Run (с аккордами)
Gotta See Jane
Grab It for a Second
Have a Heart
Heart Beat
Hold me Now (с табами)
Hold Me Now (с аккордами)
Holy Holy Life
I Can't Do Without Your Kiss
I Can't Sleep Without You
I Do Rock 'n Roll
I Don't Wanna Be Nobody Else
I Need Love
I Sing My Song
I'll Make It All up to You
I'm Going to Send My Pigeons to the Sky
I've Just Lost Somebody
If You Leave Me
In A Bad Mood
In My House
Instant Poetry
It's Over Now
Jane Jane
Johnny Make Believe
Jump and Run
Just a Little Bit of Peace in My Heart
Just Like Vince Taylor
Keeper of the Flame
Kill Me (Ce Soir)
Last Blast of the Century
Last of the Mohicans
Latin Lightning
Legalize Telepathy
Liquid Soul
Long Blond Animal
Lost and Found
Love in Motion
Love Is a Rodeo
Lucky Number
Mad Love's Comin'
Making Love to Yourself
Maximum Make-up
Miles Away From Nowhere
Minute by Minute
Mission Impossible
Mood Indigo
Move Over
Movin' Down Life
Murdock 9-6182
My Killer My Shadow
My Little Red Book
Need Her
No for an Answer
Nobody But You
One Huge Road
One Night Without You
One Shot Away From Paradise
One Word
Orwell's Year
Paradise in Distress (с табами)
Paradise In Distress
Planet Blue
Please Go
Please Go (с аккордами)
Pourin' My Heart out Again
Prisoner of the Night
Quiet Eyes
Radar Love (с переводом)
Radar Love (с табами)
Radar Love
Radar Love (с аккордами)
Sail on Sailor
Save the Best for Later
Save Your Skin
Say My Prayer
See See
She May Be
Silver Ships
Slow Down
Snot Love in Spain
So You Want to be a Rock 'N' Roll Star
Something Heavy Going Down
Song of a Devil's Servant
Sound of the Screaming Day
Space Ship
Suzy Lunacy (mental rock)
Take my Hand - Close my Eyes
Take My Hand-close My Eyes
Tears and Lies
Temporary Madness
That Day
The Devil Made Me Do It
The Fighter
The Grand Piano
The Loner
The Lonesome D.J.
The Naked Truth (с табами)
The Naked Truth
The Naked Truth
The Road Swallowed Her Name
The Sad Story of Sam Stone
The Song is Over
The Switch
The Unforgettable Dream
The Vanilla Queen
The Wall of Dolls
They Dance
This Is the Other Side of Life
This Is the Time of the Year
This Wheel's on Fire
Thousand Feet Below You
Tiger Bay
Time's Up
Together We Live, Together We Love
Tons of Time
Too Much Woman (Not Enough Girl)
Troubles and Hassles
Truth About Arthur
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone (с табами)
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone (с аккордами)
U-Turn Time
Vanilla Queen
Weekend Love
Weekend Love
Weekend Love (с аккордами)
When I Was Young
When Love Turns to Pain
Where Will I Be
Whisper in a Crowd
Whisper in a Crowd
Who Do You Love
Why do i
Why Me_
Will & Mercy
Yes! We're on Fire
You're Better off Free