Ring ring telephone ring somebody says baby what you're doin'
I been wonderin' where you've been now and then I think about you and me
Now you swear about things I can't recall it don't matter now at all
Just come on in
Baby we laugh and sing we'll make love let the telephone ring
Ring ring doorbell ring baby come on in got my Haggard on stereo
I'm glad you come around I been feelin' down just talkin' by with Bill and Joe
You know they make good conversation still it ain't no consolation
Cause I've got love
Baby I hear that somebody comes listen doorbell ring
Ring ting golden ring around the sun around your pretty finger
Ring ring voices ring with a happy tune anybody could be a singer
The sun comes up across the city I swear you never looked so doggone pretty
Hand in hand we'll stand upon the sand with the preacher man
Let the wedding bells ring

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