Gonna go to downtown NYC, hang with me
Better to be together,
Creep cold allyways
That no one care's about anyways
But now it's time to hit the big city
Music shouting down the town
Blasting it way through the sound
Punk guys coming down the drive opposite
They don't know where to stick
Never know what to pick
Hot RNB girls driving by click
They aren't know what is thick
Summer show time we pick
Pretty, poppy,young girls
Making their way through the holds
Seeming to break through the moulds
Oh aye aye (Oh, aye-a aye)
And now dance girls plan un-folds
Bite the posion, stand up bold
Cos it's
aye aye aye (aye aye aye aye aye aye)
Oh baby oh
Oh baby oh
Oh baby oh
(Oh baby oh oh no)

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