I know you always try to be like me when I'm not there
To make all the pretty boys stare
But never did you think I'd come down on your plan
Cos you're not the one to do
And when it's the late nights in the city
You try to party hard
But I know it's not really that true
Cos when I look at you,'oh so bad' you don't know who

So watch it when you come my way
Cos you've got a price to pay
I do what I want
And you do what you're told
Never do what you think is right
Never stay up half the night
So when you feel you're ready
Don't ask, don't ask me

Never try to be like me
Don't you see your speciality
Always coming down your plans
Because you're the one to do
And when the sun is rising
On London city
I know you try to act so great
But in the daytime it's obvious
That you're just another fake
(Tell me why)


You try to act like you're tough
Smoking stuff, screaming f***
But it's obvious that that's not true
Don't be like them be like you

(Cos I've made it on my own)
Don't need no special attitude
(Never thought you'd be alone)
But no you're not in the mood

Repeat till fade

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