(you Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture
Between The Lines (с табами)
Between The Lines (с аккордами)
Count me in (с табами)
Count Me In
Doin' The Flake
Everybody Loves a Clown (с табами)
Everybody Loves A Clown
Face In A Crowd
Girls In Love
Green Grass (с табами)
Green Grass (с аккордами)
Green Grass
I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight
Little Miss Go-go
Loser With a Broken Heart
My Hearts Symphony
Save Your Heart (с табами)
Save Your Heart (с аккордами)
Save Your Heart For me
Sealed With a Kiss
Sealed With a Kiss (с табами)
Sealed With A Kiss (с аккордами)
Shes Just my Style
Shes Just my Style (с табами)
Sure Gonna Miss Her
The Loser (with A Broken Heart)
This Diamond Ring
This Diamond Ring (с табами)
Way Way Out
Where Will The Words Come From?
You Dont Have to Paint (с табами)
You Dont Have to Paint me a Picture (с табами)
You Dont Have To Paint Me A Picture (с аккордами)