(We Won't) Stop The War
18 Years
A While In Dreamland
Abyss Of The Void (с аккордами)
Abyss Of The Void
Afterlife (с аккордами)
All Of The Damned (с аккордами)
All Of The Damned
Anywere In The Galaxy
Anywhere In The Galaxy (с аккордами)
As Time Goes By
Beyond The Black Hole (с аккордами)
Beyond The Black Hole
Cave Principle
Changes (с переводом)
Changes (Alive '95 Bonus Track)
Cosmic Chaos
Countdown (cd-bonus)
Damn The Machine
Dethrone Tyranny
Do You Believe In Justice
Dream Healer
Eagle (с переводом)
Fairytale (с аккордами)
Father And Son
Fire Below
Free Time
Future Madhouse
Future World
Gamma Ray
Gamma Ray (edited Version)
Gardens of The Sinner
Gardens Of The Sinner (с аккордами)
Gods of Deliverance
Guardian Of Mankind
Hand of Fate
Heading For Tomorrow
Heading For Tomorrow (с аккордами)
Heal me
Heart Of The Unicorn
Heaven Can Wait
Heaven or Hell
Heavy Metal Mania
Heavy Metal Universe
Heavy Metal Universe (с аккордами)
Hold Your Ground
I Want Out
Insanity & Genius
It's a Sin
Its A Sin (с аккордами)
Lake of Tears (с переводом)
Land of The Free (с переводом)
Land Of The Free (с аккордами)
Last Before The Storm
Lonesome Stranger
Long Live Rock'n'roll
Look at Yourself.
Lost in The Future
Lust For Life
Man on a Mission
Man On A Mission (с аккордами)
Man On A Mission Live (с аккордами)
Men, Martians And Machines
Mr. Outlaw
My Temple
New Worl Order
No Stranger (с аккордами)
No Stranger ( Another Day In Life )
No Stranger (another Day in Life)
One With The World
One With The World (с табами)
One With The World (с аккордами)
Razorblade Sigh
Rebellion In Dreamland (с аккордами)
Rebellion in Dreamland
Return to Fantasy
Rich & Famous
Rich & Famous
Rich And Famous
Ride The Sky
Rising of The Damned
Rising Star
Risingofthedamned (с аккордами)
Sail On
Salvation's Calling
Send me a Sign
Send Me A Sign (с аккордами)
Shine on
Shine On (с аккордами)
Short as Hell
Short As Hell (с аккордами)
Somewhere Out in Space
Somewhere Out In Space (с аккордами)
Space Eater
Space Eater (с аккордами)
Spaceeater (с аккордами)
Start Running
Stranger in The Night
Strangers in The Night
The Cave Principle
The Guardians of Mankind
The Landing
The Savior
The Saviour (с аккордами)
The Silence
The Silence ('95 Version)
The Spirit
The Winged Horse
Time to Break Free
Track Comments to Somewhere Out in Space
Tribute to The Past
Tribute to The Past (с табами)
Valley of The Kings
Victim Of Changes
Victim Of Fate
Watcher in The Sky
Who Do You Think You Are_
Wings of Destiny
Wings Of Destiny (с аккордами)
Your Torn Is Over
Your Torn It's Over
Your Turn Is Over