I fall into the dust, tired out and broken down
Under the weight of your unhuman deeds of hate
I saw their innosent faces of sorrow
And their souls in the flames of the dance... of the suffering

There was a fire in the skies
And the rain of despair has falling down
I saw the blood tears in their eyes
And mighty feelings of togetherness in their hearts

I saw them all united by the pain, they stood alone
By the gate of death full of sadness and fear and I know
They were so down but still strong enough
To rise their signs of liberty and of their own pride

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I know thereґs too much religions in this world
Theyґre impluse for hate and bring (the) pain for us all
Why we canґt root out this cancer of mankind
And clear our world from those who wants it all

The death was all around when you – knights of madness
Made truth from the insane visions of your dark lord
Delivering your lives to your unexisting god
Blinded by (the) dreams of beautyfull afterlife

Refr.: ...
... There was a silence in their souls...

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