You said don't worry, we can still be friends
but it's all over and we can't pretend
You closed the door and turned off your lights
left me standing alone on that, cold dark night

Oh I'm Mister Lonely
now that were apart
I'm Mister Lonely
holdin' my broken heart
Some people say I'm a love sick fool
and for all I know that maybe true
Oh I'm Mister Lonely
Now that there's no,now that there's no,you

No, I didn't get, a Dear John letter
You thought, face to face would be better (yes you did)
and tellin' me, you didn't wanna be my girl Well that made me feel like, the loneliest guy in the world

(repeat chorus)

Oh, what am I, gonna do
now that there's no you
I haven't got a clue
now that there's no you

(repeat chorus)

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