(You complete me, you complete me)

Sensual pleasure passes in the twinkling of an eye
But the friendship between us will never die
You are dearer to me than anybody and anything
No one can conceive of the joy that you bring

You complete me, you complete me
Your words are my food and your breath is my wine
You complete me, you complete me
You bring out the best and you finish my rhyme

More exclusive, more tender, more pure than gold
This love I have for you deep in my soul
I treasure the thought of how you love me
I become every woman the best I can be


Y'know, honey, you're the other half that makes me whole...I need you; I want you...Just to make it through my day, I just can't stop thinkin' about you, baby.

Ooh, oh yeah
Ooh, oh yeah
I need ya, I need ya

(repeat and fade out)

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