Play Wit Yo Momma Cuz Yo Daddy Dont Wanna Play No More Eh Nigga Its Goin Down Eh Street Niggaz Man Crunchy Black Frayser Bizzle Man Bay Area Represenative Man All Around All Around Lets Do It
Im The Nigga In The Hood Who Work Do Dirt If A Sucka Really Want It Im The One To Shoot First Im The Nigga In Da Hood Shootin Dice In Da Hall Ways We Servin Corn In The Mutha Fuckin Broad Day Im Da Nigga In Da Hood Im Stayin Down I Never Saw Blank If My Ass Is Played Around Im Da Nigga In Da Hood Full Of Drank Slumbed Out And Nigga Diss Yo Ass When U See Them Guns Out
Yeah Once Upon A Time In The Projects Yo I Had The Strap I Had To Show Em That I Wasnt A Hoe Hood Full Of Real Niggaz Killaz Thatll Come And Get Cha The Green Bride 94 It Wasnt A Pretty Picture I Had To Hold My Own Im Bout To See It All Im Walkin Through The Hood Gang Signs On The Wall Now Im A Grown Man I Came Up From Da Gutta Dont Make Me React And Thats For Any Mutha Fucka Yeah Its That Hypnotized We Known To Act A Fool We Kickin Down Doors And We Come After U Homie We Blast First We Leave Ur Ass Hurt Sucka We Put Ur Ass Under Pass Nigga Pass Dirt Say Thats Ur Last Work U Kinda Talkin Loud Dont Make Me Have To Give U Niggas Somethin To Talk About I Rep Da Bay And Im Known As A Straight Grind And Theres A Pistol To Ur Head Try To Take Mine
Its Some Nigga In Da Hood He Got Work So Uk Ur Boy About To Do Dirt I Hit The Hard Hitta Told Him Bring No Squirta U Big Fuckin Bitch Uk Im Bout Murda Mr Dj Paul And Juicy J Have Sent Me Here So I Can Get It Straight See I Regulate And I Do Not Play All U Ex Hypnotize Bitches Stay Out My Face And Get Off Yo Knees It Aint No Suckin For Free And That There Nigga U Need Cheese See I Do As I Please When Im Smokin On Weed And 9 Times Outta 10 I Got A Pistol On Me Say Do U Believe Or Do I Have To Squeeze See I Put One In U Nigga Easily U Aint Pump As Me U Better Carry Yo Heat Ill Leave Yo Ass Dead In Da Middle Of The Street
[Chorus: Till End]

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