I rise and curse the waking day
Curse the grime and curse the stains on the air
And on the skin of the bed I'm tied within
Hiding from the twitch and crash
Of the mood I hear you hatch
You're the mother growing cold
You're the bath now running old
I can feel the wall between us separate the filthy scene
As I push the door aside - swallow, swallow, swallow, smile

I wander round the gulf between us
Wonder how I came to feel as fragile as a broken bone
As useless - I'm a broken bone
Come on let's fight let's feel alive
Come on let's fight let's feel alive
It's the only feeling I've kept towards you
That resembles any passion, any tremble, any word,
I'll take and turn it, twist and pissed-on, I'll return it
Give me more, give me, I'll swallow, swallow, swallow, smile

But it's alright, I lie
It's alright, here's another lie

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