From: [email protected] (Mike Wagner)
Subject: ./f/franks_michael/keeping my eye on you.crd

"Keeping My Eye On You"

Verse 1:
Amaj7 D#dim Bm7 E7
Brush every night, don't let the bedbugs bite
Amaj7,D#dim ,Bm7, E7
The ones I'm referring to,
Amaj7, D#dim ,
Till I get home I'll be
Bm7, E7 Amaj7
Keeping my eye on you.

Verse 2:
Don't stay out late, stay home and cogitate,
And write me a letter too,
While I'm away I'll be
Keeping an eye on you.

Bridge: Dmaj7 G9 Gb9 F9
May I suggest that you screen your calls
Dmaj7 G9 Gb9 F9
And just make the most of your own four walls
Unless that flashing message light means "me"
D7, Db7, C7, Db7
And then R.S.V.P.

Verse 3:
Don't be surprised, if roses should arrive
But first ascertain from who.
No matter my grammar, I'm
Keeping my eye on you.

Verse 4:
Pray to some saint, don't let any old acquaint..
ance convince you his heart's still true.
Until I get home I'll be
Keeping my eye on you.

Thanks Bob.

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