In life my friends you pass along
You need not grieve when things go wrong
Sit down in peace and sing a song
Till all comes right

You've heard it said go do your best
Though life's suns inks to the west
tis better far to take a rest
till all comes right

If you're troubled with some belief
or feel the pangs of coming grief
the wind and waves bring relief
till all comes right

Instead of climbing a craggy cliff
or sailing in some dangerous skiff
just lie and breathe with an easy whiff
till all comes rightIf things go rough and you're in a squeeze
just hold your breath and take your ease
Do the very things you please
till all comes right

Be not deceived by the toiler's thrift
Get what you can as nature's gift
Let all things take an easy drift
till all comes right

Rewards all come in the present slice
so don't look fro future paradise
Take heaven now is my advice
and you wil be right

Throw to the wind belief in hell
or be called a fool or infidel
Bury your creed in an oyster shell
then you are right

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