Bad Days
Be My Head
Be My Head (с аккордами)
Begs And Achin'
Can't Exist
Can't Stop The Spring
Charlie Manson Blues
Chewin The Apple Of Your Eye
Chewin The Apple Of Your Eye (с аккордами)
Christmas At The Zoo
Chrome Plated Suicide
Do You Realise (с аккордами)
Drug Machine In Heaven
Everything's Explodin'
Evil Will Prevail
Felt Good to Burn
Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
Free Radicals
Gingerale Afternoon
God Walks Among Us Now
Godzilla Flick
Goin' On
Guy Who Got A Headache and Accidentally Saves the World
Halloween On The Barbary Coast
Hari - Krishna Stomp Wagon
Haven't Got A Clue
Hit Me Like You Did The First Time
Hold Your Head
Jesus Shootin' Heroin
Just Like Before
Kim's Watermelon Gun
Lightning Strikes The Postman
Love Yer Brain
Man From Pakistan
Maximum Dream For Evil...
Moth In The Incubator
Moth In The Incubator (с аккордами)
Mr Ambulance Driver
Oh My Pregnant Head
Oh My Pregnant Head (с аккордами)
Pilot Can At The Queer Of God
Pilot Can At The Queer Of God (с аккордами)
Placebo Headwound
Plastic Jesus (с аккордами)
Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung
Prescription Love
Rainin' Babies
Redneck School Of Technology
Shaved Gorilla
She Don't Use Jelly
She Dont Use Jelly (с табами)
She Dont Use Jelly (с аккордами)
She Is Death
Shine On Sweet Jesus
Slow - Nerve - Action
Stand In Line
Superhumans (с аккордами)
Take Me Ta Mars
Thanks To You
The Abandoned Hospital Ship
The Ceiling Is Bendin'
The Last Drop Of Morning Dew
The Spontaneous Combustion Of John
The Sun
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
There You Are
They Punctured My Yolk
This Here Giraffe
Trainsbrains& Rain
Turn it on (с табами)
Turn It On (с аккордами)
Unconsciously Screamin'
Vein Of Stars
Waitin For A Superman (с аккордами)
What A Wonderful World
When Yer Twenty Two (с аккордами)
When Yer Twenty-Two
When You Smile
Wizard Turns On