Dying slowly, feeling ill
I can't explain the way i feel
Poeple die, and so will i
It could be slow, it could be quick
Quit slow, and it seems such a waste
God will give you just one taste
Only one sip of his wine
Only one life, cats get nine

Feeling bored, that's no fun
Being out of touch with everyone
Click my fingers, crack my toes
Kick the dog, and break it's nose
I intelectualize it all
To prove my mind's still on the ball
I go spy at the neighbours next door
Listen to them through the wall
They do the same they did last night
At first they argue, and then they fight
And then they screw, just to please me
It's just about more fun than TV

But people die, i will soon
And then i won't write any more tunes
And i won't stand here and talk to you
And wonder what the fuck to do

[repeat everything, with slight modifications...]

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