first things first, lets deal wiv da slut
wen i c her face it reminds mr of a mutt
shes so ugly they always print her face
on airline sick bags - what a discrace

she reckons shes dun it wiv doped up mark
wat does she fink dis is noahs ark?
jus coz she fancies skanky square head
does she actually fink she'll get him in bed?

now its time to talk about fatty
also known as michelin man or flatty
wiv an arse big enough 2 cause an eclipse
wiv totally non existant tits

she could be mistaken 4 a hot air balloon
or maybe a gorilla, monkey or baboon
she thinks shes hot but we know shes not
and shes always talkin bout how many 'friends' shes got
(which is none!)

and if u meet these people beware
they'll b rippin off their underwear
he, she, it, thing, they don't care!

we hope u liked our little song
maybe now u no it u can sing along

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