Finding out where you're going
Where you belong
All the while, I'll be right here
Seems as though there's nothing to say
But I've waken up
The tide has turned
The bond between you and me can't break
People come and go
You'll always be a friend
I hope to never lose your trust
We've pushed and came so far
Holding a grudge, weighing you down
This hatred inside will get you nowhere
To leave it behind is your choice to decide
Forgiveness is hard but that's where it starts
All the trust that I have in you
All the pain that I shared with you
These times I'll never forget, and I don't regret
I hope you never lose your trust
We've pushed and come so far
To my Lord and Savior
You are and always will be
How could I repay you
For all that you've done for me
You won't abandon the world that abandon you
You've shown your mercy
You gave your life for me
I won't lose my loyalty
To the one who died for me

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