You tell me that the world is cold and lonely
But some day you will make your dreams come true
I tell you that you're not the one and only
Who thinks that heaven's waiting just for you

Your hope it reeks of rotten, brackish water
Stinkin' trouble's gathered round your heart
I see the sheltered and beloved daughter
Whose little world completely fell apart

I'm fed up to my back teeth
To hear you talk like that
In all this crazy years
I think I've always smelt a rat

Don't turn away
I'll be loving you
All my life

Little lies and compromise are with you
They blind yourself and say: "There's so much time!"
So now you're always waiting for tomorrow
But no one gives a dollar for a dime

I'm fed up to ...

Don't ...
Don't ...

I'm fed up to ...

Don't ...
Don't ...
Don't ...
Don't ...

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