It's just a stupid little love song

Your granddad fought in WWII
Your cousin landed on the moon
Your mother is a diplomat
Senator of Connecticut
Your sister's got a 4.0
Your father's got his own talk show
Your brother aced the science test
He found the cure for morning breath

I came here by taxi you came by limousine and
All I have to offer you is this

Just a stupid little love song
Three chords and a microphone
It's a stupid little love song
Hip-hop and rock-n-roll
So sit right down and I'll sing this song to you
Put 'em up

You're captian of the football team
A cheerleader's recurring dream
You're on the road to Harvard law
I'm on the bus to Arkansas

I stand in your doorway
Your world looks so enchanting
And all I have to offer you is this...

And the moon comes the window like a spotlight
Listen up cause this is real
I sit you down and I begin to gently rock the mic
Cause I'm trying to tell you what I feel
And we're truly approaching a moment and then you lean over and say 'what's my name...'

"Hi is Brett home?"
"Well, will you tell him I came by?"

I stand in your driveway
Your world looks so far away and all I have to offer you is this

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