If I have to take a crowbar to your mouth
To make what's on the inside come out
Ivory chips fall to the floor
Swept under the rug and out the door

What a night
Back and forth with no end in sight
I can't watch this again
You just don't understand

Why - do we always end right where we began
We - can break this cycle if you'd just understand

Scream it to me and I swear I'll understand
I'd rather you scream your lungs out than lay on the end, of my bed, with your head, hanging over the edge, of this four cornered ship, on a figure-eight trip

I felt our swan song coming on
But I wasn't ready to sing it
You curled, up to me, knee to knee, with your eyes Glazed over with pain
Hide behind your tears
Now let's confront our fears

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