Today I watched the sunset in the East
Turns out it was the sunrise
(And I walked a path as I told a story)

(I watched you through your window)
I watched the sky as the moon was left reflecting on the day
I scared you away, so

If I can't have you I'll just close my eyes
And pretend she is you.. Pretend you are mine
I can see the world through your window
And I sing to you every night from here

Today I prayed my plane would crash
You'd hear the news
And you'd think of me as much as I thought of you

And if you never repeat my words
You said them before, and I remember the sound
I keep the lights off
I know you're right here
No matter what, you can't say no to me in my dreams

Your routine is so divine. I have it memorized
As you walk to your window with your light on inside
I know you'll never find me here
As you admire the view
Do you know how pretty you look with your hair down?
I walk to the window admiring the view

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