You told me one misty day
That you'll never go away
The look in your eyes I'm so afraid
Deep in a spell feels like a spinning carousel
Are they just kisses in the wind?

One day in the morning rain
You came back to ease my pain
Will our hearts ever be the same again?
Make believing there were no broken promises
But they're just kisses in the wind

And the sun won't ever shine
I guess it don't mind
Now that you're gone but I will always love you
Who'll stop the rain
Is it me to blame
Broken records and picture frames

The sun setting to the west
I'm feeling the emptiness
Or are you saving it all the best
Pour out my heart then say we should be far apart
And they're just kisses in the wind

The evening breeze is here
Say good-bye
I don't wanna cry
One last kiss my love will never die
I may be a fool my never-ending love for you
To you it's just kisses in the wind

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