A New Breed Of Evil
A Promise You Can't Keep
All Of A Sudden
Art Gallery
Drinking And Dressing Up
End of All Days
Farm Two Thousand
For The World To Sing
For You
Funky Combine, John
Get Crucified
Here Comes The Pain
High to Die
Home Is Where The Stars Are
I Built The World
I Don't Know Why I Don't Like All My Friends
I Lack Concentration
I Woke Up This Morning
If You Ever Leave Me Standing
In My Darkest Hour
In The Country
Like A Dart In Your Face
Like Jesus Wept
Mama Never Told Me
Matter Of Fact
More Than A Dream
Muck It Out
Murder me
Once And For All
Pain is Party
Phew Wow!
Portrait Of A Legend
Soft Drink
Something From Nothing
Something That I Ate
Sport For All
Stay Like This Forever
The Country Line
The Good Life
The Old Spotted Dog (T.O.S.D.)
The Other Side
The Wailing Wall
The Way You Made Me Cry
The World Is Ours
Till The Cows Come Home
Torn In Two
Trail Of Tears
Turn The World To Ice
Wailing Wall
We Sow The Storm
What A Feeling Like
Whatever Is He Like_
When Pigs Fly
Where The Sun Never Shines
While God Was Sleeping
Who Needs It_