Blown Away
Moving through a crowded room
Why do I always look for you
and I missing you again?

Only sure that I'm never more
than not quite good enough
Here I am missing you again

I still remember late December
when you'd do your little dance for me
You move me through the rain
I'd run for cover and you'd just laugh
Throw your hair back and take my breath
I'm missing you
I'm missing, I'm missing you again
And I, I only want to be anything you need tonight
Waste your time with me

Every time you call I get blown away
Every time you talk to me I never know what to say
Every time you call even if it's only for a while
I'm blown away

When I know no doubt
When I know no fear
When I'll wake up will you be here
for a moment
only for a moment
I'm blown away
Even if it's only for a while
I'm blown away

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