Woo, Woo, Whoa, Woo, Ooh, Hey, Yeah, Hey
Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, Yeah, Hey, Hey,
Okay Im Changing My Number
Cuz You Let Me Know It Was Nothing
See I Thought That We Were Good
But I Guess I MisUnderstood
Oh, You Tried To Play Me Like Im Stupid
Like I Was One Of These Groupies
If You Cant Return My Calls,
Aint No Point Of Even Calling At All
Oh, You Aint Worth The Headache
So Before I Go And Get The Heartbreak
Boy Im Cutting You Lose
Baby Save The Excuse, Because Its Too Late
Oh, Tried To Make It Work For You
But You Got To Want It Too
Baby What's The Use, When I Feel Like You
Dont Want It Bad As I Do
A Girl Like Me Aint Wait On Your Call
You Know A Girl Like Me
Aint Got To Wait Around At All
Just Cuz You Aint Calling
Dont Mean My Phone Aint Ringing
A Girl Like Me Is Cool With Moving On,
Cool With Moving On
Chance After Chance I Gave Ya
Cuz You Said That We Could Make It
Thinking That I Wouldnt Get Hurt
Cuz I Trusted And Believed In Your Word
Oh, Sitting Here Giving All Of My Time
Even Put Them Other Niggas Aside
You Took Advantage Of A Good Thing
You'll Be Wishin' One Day You Still Had Me
Ooh, So Why You Couldn't Miss That
Cuz I Think You Got It Twisted
Just Cuz Like You, Dont Mean Im The Type
To Stick Around When You Aint Doing Right
What Hoe Do You Think You Are
Quit Playing Games With My Heart
Look What You Done To Me
Boy Im So Over You

Ah, Let Me Set The Record Straight
A Girl Like Me Will Be Okay
Yeah You Had Me Open But
Im Not About To Be Stuck On You
Ah, Does This Mean Anything To You
You Should Know That We Are Through
You Should Know It
Look How You Played Yourself
Boy Im So Over You

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