This problem isn't mine, yet you persist. It makes me sick. You point your finger always at me. My words are dissected and they're torn apart, until they're just syllables that mean nothing at all. I'm tired of defending the only thing I love. I'm tired of pretending that this is good enough. This problem isn't mine, yet you insist we play this game. Do you feel stronger when you place the blame? I know I'll never be you. I've got nothing to prove. Your motives bleed right through. I know I'll never be you. Don't act as if I wanted to. Your words are like arrows slung straight at my heart. They make you feel bigger cause you know you're so small. I'm tired of defending myself to guys like you. I'm tired of pretending I don't see through. Come on take a look Mr. Rockstar, all your ten-cent words won't get you very far. If you're not really happy with who yo

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