(feat. Ransom)
Stop me you cowards can't
Things are going how i planned
Seven hundread thou advance
First a Bent now a Fant
Sour plant got me leaning on a Eiffel tower slant
Itz mean an green like the shit at home is power plant
These niggaz act like bitches I call em Tyler Perry
And just a couple more niggaz my 40 Cali-Berry
My shorty, style is very Halle Berry
An im a David Custus covered in David Custus
Smooth as Eric Bennet with the lyrics I say
Now, Im Michale Ealy on the mic im really
Mister Capital L Capital O Capital S Capital O
Now here we go
You hear me though
On the TV,and the stereo
Jerry show with the V V an canary glow
But a year before they hear me flow
Way different senerio
I was sellin cherioz
No not the cereal nigga
Buy a vowel
Im Say - Jack with the O's
I go way back gettin hoes
Now I lay back with the Hoes
I be squirtin so the curtains on the Maybacz always closed
Witha A-Stak of the Droz
It stayz stacked in my clothes
And I run Brooklyn, itz lookin like Jay pass me the torch
An they asses .....Cuz they asses on portch
Im made passen a porsch
K blastin with force
Cuz they ass is on cross
An they asses is lost
FuBu clouldnt find them
Your noodles if you sign them
You need to get some pitz cuz them poodles thats behind them
no they aint gon squeeze nooks
so its on fried rice nigga I let you slide twice
Three times the charm the be mines is on
We time the Bomb, the hood is like Irac
Me im Sadam, Hu-SAin, you changed, who change new range
Same color as the fantastic four suit
Heard em talkin slick so he ran pass the bar stool
Started walkin quick then he ran fast as sports coupes
By a week later yo man passed a law sute

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