Who We Gone Be

My lifestyle is hard-exchanged, far away from yarz
Nada thing done with the wille, cuz I was forced
They wanne see me changed, trapped in the chains
Mah only possibility, is to shut out the pain
I bitchslap your face, you nuthing but a faker
Now muthafukaz wanne kill me for mah paper
I let mah female strack, Fucka from the back
AB-G is the place, where I'm at
High above the sky, cuz somebody gone die
Point the finger, and say goodbye to the bad guy
I ride with the thugz, Reload the gunz
Got full controll when I roll, with the real once
I'm the hellwarrior, with the danger zone
Coldy warewolf, killing suckaz to full moon
They wanne see me doing bad, but I'm doing good
Fucking whoes like you thatz our moto in the neighbeorhood

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