Give the signal.
Advance the pill pushers.
Administer a change purse full of thorazine.
Show this girla little bar courtesy and keep her senses clear of the scene.
We've found a gentleman caller who goes by the name she's been weeping for.
Turn her over.
Easy in easy out.
We've nearly got this situation stabilized.
Just some winces to eradicate.
Take a deep breath.
Cut the blue wire.
Keep your fingers crossed and pray she's been detached.
She stirs and I'm emasculated.
Doctor! Doctor!
Give her the blues.
She got herself a varsity letter by loveing you.
Breach and clear the abandoned backseat of the cadillac.
We've been alerted by the local authorities that regret has been seen on the grounds teasing the dogs, making the rounds.
There's a heart shaped bed in the honeymoon ward that circulates dust.
Twitches and vomits in fits like the damned.
Comforts no one but the sloth.
Yet we pay by the hour for the bricklayer's view.
Johnny, dream of your gun.
Goddamit commander, she's a hopeless case.
Note the time she arrived.
I didn't think we would loose another one to the sound.
There were too many fangs for us to tame.
Someone fetch her blue eyes.
From a restroom wall downtown.
She stirs.
We underestimated.
Doctor! Doctor!
Give me the news.
She caught herself a case of the wilds by loving you.
She caught a bad case of the wilds and she flatlines.

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