I be the D-R-A-G dash ya niggas foot slim
Cuz bullets make your feet fast
We throw babies in the trash
Drag don't play with little gats
Crib like McDonalds nuttin but Big Macs
And quarter pounds
Bitch place your order now stay in line
I only fuck with broke niggas
That stright depend on crime
You straight pussy so fuck your ass cap
Cuz in jail they'll put your cap where
Your ass at you ass black
Projects thats where Drag at
Yea ya got heart
But if I don't got my gun
Thats where ya gonna get stabbed at
Boy as a young I never grabbed that toy
Drag was taught to grab that and ask
"where the cash at"

You think we shoot his pocket sides
Deuce decuce and 25's
You ain't takin' em' nigga
You threatenin' lives
I ain't frontin motherfucker
I don't shoot no legs
I'm tryna see if your brains
Really look like eggs
Or is it just that commercial
Your brain on drugs
Now it's a total different look
From these shotgun slugs
To get rich it could take less than two days
I'm like them little beepers
Halfs and bullets two-ways
Fuck vests my shit go throught toupииs
I'ma thug in New York
And when I'm on your set
We the apartment where they filmed
Good times at
Bitch what the fuck I'ma thug nigga


I'ma thug in da streetz and I know what to do
If you fuckin with me I'ma fuck with you
I don't give a fuck now I'm doing my thing
Like a motherfucking dog I'm doing my thang

Weight on my back
Hate in my heart
Blood in my eye
Foot on the gas
Blunt in my mouth
Lovin the ride
Hand on the gun
Ear to the street
Back to the wall
Mind on my money while I'm clappin at ya'll

I got niggas in jail
Crack in the hood
Hustle in south
Fiends and customers
That run in your house
I got family ties
I'm handy with knives
I live my life in the ghetto
Nose candy and nines
I'm deeper than most
Sleep wit it close
Wake wit a demon
Have visions of the whole
World shaking and screaming

I was born to be a leader
But if the game was dirty
I was born to be a cheater
You talking to me greasy
I was going to get the heater

You tell me what you know about blow
Gettin dough and straight warrin' with a meaner
Frontin in a Benz or I was soarin' in a Bima

Lyin in the cut
The gun is straight running
Like a tire on the trucks
If he is real or a liar

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