[Guy:] Yo you know I just seen that new eve video, that thing on fire.
[Girl:] Who?
[Guy:] Eve! Bombshell. Yeah, Queen of Philadelphia.
[Girl:] (Raspberries) Yeah, right.
[Guy:] Awe c'mon man, I know you ain't hatinon that young lady.
[Girl:] Oh no I ain't hatinI mean, she's alrightåЌ»he ain't all that. But- she ain't
like that.
[Guy:] She more than alright, she just got a Grammy- talking about she alright.
She just got a Grammy.
[Girl:] I think that was all luck.
[Guy:] Awe, it's no luck- luck? This fucks me up. She got 4 million records, got
all this shit poppin movies and all that shit and you from Philly standing
here talking about it's luck. That's crazy, that's crazy. I don't know who you
feeling right now, but that's some crazy shit. All my niggas and all the chicks
I know back home say that she the shit. And all them cop her shit- I don't know
what you talking about.
[Girl:] Do they ever see here, do she ever come to the hood? I don't never see her
down town, down south street
[Guy:] Cuz she be busy, she got her shit poppin You don't ever see her on South
street? She forever at Ishcabizzles. And it take 3 months and shit like that to
make movies, and 3 months albums, 3 months to tour, that's nine months outa youråЌ»
top hatin
[Girl:]C'mon man! I ain't hatin. C'mon, I mean who she wanna be?
[Guy:] You all up here on this motherfucking corner with these motherfucking
baggy tights on, and your teeth all motherfucking yellow, sipping on some a
warm Sprit talking shit about her. She Crystal and caviar. What the fuck is you
talking about? You better stop with your 3 motherfucking extensions and 4
[Girl:] Hold up, hold up.
[Guy:] Hold up what? What the fuck?
[Girl:] I know you ain't just come at me like that!
[Guy:] Yeah, cuz you coming at her like that!
[Girl:] I'm from the fucking hood! You fucking nappy head! Smoking cigarettes,
buying lucies from the Chinese store. You broke ass bitch. Your fucking limp
ass Tims. C'mon now!
[Guy:] Awe ain't this a motherfucker.
[Girl:] I'm fucking hood! Eve don't even know you, nigga!
[Guy:] Yeah I know you hood, you rusty nipple ring having ass motherfucker! Your
rusty ass nipple ring, and your navel navel ring, what the fuck is you talking

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