Saturday night burns a redness a redness on my face
I tasted you you tasted me you were never my taste
Now left alone with precious thoughts of half-assed half an hour stops and talk so small I
Can’t remember ever saying a word
Laced with think naivetй
Firm delusions can’t be swayed tell yourself you’re happy we both know the truth
You spoke behind the dirty talk the dirty sheets the
Sexy walk your eyes are closed your heart is open wide and that’s no good There is something up my sleeve there is nothing in between
You admit that you can’t see so beg my pardon
Honesty’s a virtue that can hurt you let it be
The thought that counts is counting down the minutes till I leave, when I do you’ll be looking for security in words thought you know that you won’t get it for the better for the worse

I apologize for me
Then I’m back in a couple of weeks I’m too weak to help it don’t know how to end it I apologize for me

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