Tonight I feel ambitious
And so does my foot
As it sinks on the pedal
I press it to the floor
I don't need a girl
Don't need a friend
'Cause my friend lonesome's unconditional
We're flying forever bored
And for a moment
I love everything
I see and think and feel
I love my broken side view mirror
'Cause it's so perfect
I'm so perfect
You're so perfect
You're not here; I hear the change in gears.
My pile shakes as I hit eighty on the open road,
This is an open road song.
The night is beckoning,
Although I have nowhere,
To go but home,
Feels good to be alone,
With every turn comes,
A new frame of mind,
If I could frame my mind,
Where would it hang?
{Chorus 3 times}
This is an open road song.
I crack a window,
And feel the cool air cleanse,
My every pore,
As I pour my poor heart out,
To a radio song
That's patient, and willing
To listen,
My volume drowns it out,
Yeah, but that's ok,
'Cause I sound better than him,
Anyway, any day,
Yeah, my voice is sweet as salt,
I search for comfort,
And I find it where,
I've found it many times before,
Times before can be forgotten,
{Chorus 3 times}
This is an open road song.

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