(lyrics: Hellid,
music: Andersson)

I don't live to rise again
To reborn and never end
Once I'm on the other side
I'll see if it was the end of my ride
I don't live to transform
Present into past
Or fall into a lifeless pattern
Going nowhere fast

Master I will always be
Of all that is of me
But I can't ever touch
What is of thee

I question things to see
If they are what they're said to be
I ask the why and wherefore
I reap the fruits of time but I let it take it's course
But where no-one can answer me
Where nobody'll ever know
That is where my path begins
That is where I go

Human flesh - human blood
But in your words I'm nothing but god

A master eye is the eye
Able to behold
And part truth from lie
In what it's been told

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