Darker clouds & storms of chaos
Summons the king of fear
Forces of Agharthi arise & come forth
Behold by the summerian tears
At the Abbey of Darkness where Nan-zi dwells
Awaiting the stormy sea
Shreds of flesh chained to walls
To greet the Master of realms
I am the bringer of seed I will bring eternity
I am what this world needs I am chaos breed
Worships forsaken beyond
The World of Dankar
Manifest of the left hand path
Inquisitions, creations, torments, lost souls
The horrors of the Gropes of Wrath

(Lead: Alex Hellid, Ulf Cederlund)The dawn of the Blackest sun of all skies
Mysteries of Khem revealed
Ancient arts of process of pain
No longer Concealed
Legends of Books bound in blood
Secrets of Necrodaemon
Brought by powers upon the face of Earth
Agharthi reigns the new aeon!

(Lead: Alex Hellid)

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