3 Is A Magic Number
A Glorious Day
All You Good Good People (с табами)
All You Good Good People
All You Good Good People (с аккордами)
Brothers And Sisters
Bunker Song
Butter Wouldn't Melt
Come Back To What You Know (с аккордами)
Come Back to What You Know (с табами)
Come Back To What You Know
Come On And Smile
Don't Turn Your Back On Love
Drawn From Memory
Drawn From Memory (с аккордами)
Dry Kids (с табами)
Dry Kids
Dry Kids (с аккордами)
Even Smaller Stones
Exploding Machines
Fireworks (с табами)
Fireworks (с аккордами)
Free Ride (с табами)
Free Ride
Free Ride (с аккордами)
Get On Board
Happiness Will Get You In The End
Happiness Will Get You In The End (с аккордами)
Happiness Will Get You In The Endhappiness Will Ge
Happy And Lost
Happy And Lost (с аккордами)
Hey, What You Trying To Say
Higher Sights (с табами)
Higher Sights
I Can't Come Down
I Can't Feel Bad Anymore
I Had A Time
I Hope You're Happy Now
I Know What's Going On
I Want The World
I Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You
I've Been Running
If You Feel Like A Sinner
If You've Never Been In Love With Anything
It's Gonna Take Time
Last Gas
Liars Tears
Like A Believer
Looking As You Are
Love Is Back
Make It Last
Many Will Learn
Maybe I Wish
Milk And Honey
My Weakness Is None Of Your Business
Nature's Law
Near Life
New Adam New Eve
No More Pain (с табами)
No Use Crying
Now You Are Nobody (с аккордами)
Now You're Nobody
Now You're Nobody
One Big Family
Out Of Nothing
Over (с аккордами)
Perfect Way
Save Me
Save Me (с аккордами)
Spell It Out
Still So Young
Tap On Your Shoulder
That's All Changed Forever
The End Is Near
The Final Say
The First Cut
The Good Will Out
The Last Gas
The Last Gas
The Love It Takes
The Way I Do
This New Day
Three Is A Magic Number
Wish 'em All Away
Wonder (с аккордами)
World At Your Feet
Yeah You
You Don't Amount To Anything
You Have Only Got To Stop To Get Better
You're Not Alone
You've Gotta Say Yes
Your Not Alone (с аккордами)
Youre Not Alone (с аккордами)