Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 19:49:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Josh Starr
Subject: Tab: "Rags to Rags" by eels
"Rags to Rags"
from Beautiful Freak
by eels
Transcribed by Josh Starr
([email protected]/[email protected])
Verse :
-.-2-------3-------------.-|----2---2---2---2---| x2
Chorus :
Solo :
Lyrics :
There's a spider crawling on the bathroom mirror
Right on top of my right eye
And I can't stop staring back, how did I get this way?
Take a big look at a living lie
Rags to rags and rust to rust
How do you stand when you've been crushed?
So rags to riches was a bust
Sometimes I dream about what it's like back home
The railroad tracks and the pussywillow
But I had to leave it and I'll go back
Whenever my tired head hits the pillow
Repeat Chorus
Busted once again
Well, I'll show them one day
That I can buy and sell the world
And one day I'll come through my American dream
But it won't mean a XXXXing thing
Repeat Chorus
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