Challenges to the sky
Man took his first moon ride
Genius masterminds
Gonquered changing times
And thought he'd done everything
When he walked on the moon, they sang

Here I am, down on earth
And baby for all it's worth
Meaning the world to me, lovin' you faithfully
We got a better song to sing
Let's make the love bells ring

Wanna take you on a moonwalk baby
Wanna take you on a magic carpet ride
Forever my love, you'll be mine

We can have a little moon talk baby
About our future planse together
In this life ole fashion love will make it right
Computers on the rise
Our feelings are synthesized
Makes it hard to feel
The touch of your love that's real

We never take time to love
We thing one love is not enough
Million stars in the sky
But one star that shines in my eyes,

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