You bring joy to my life
And I'm so glad that we are together
You're the one who lifts me up
You bring sunshine where there's stormy eweather
When I think of you
I thank you for your love and understanding
Like a plane you make me fly
You bring our love to a happy landing

I found out, what love's all about
There's one thing I want ot show you
I want you to know, you're my lady sun
You're my reason for living, you light up my day
You're my lady sun, you're my reason for living
Don't you go away

Just wanna let you know
The way we love is very special to me
And when you touch me
You send a chill uh huh, right thru me
You're the one that I can trust deep down inside
I know you won't deceive me
Hope dreams would disappear into the air
If you should ever leave me

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