This one goes out to my niggas BOUNCE RIDE. If you aint down don't try to hide everywhere we go there's a hater around I think we need to get that radar system and gun them down. that nigga is headed East bound on Colorado Blv. we need to hit em and hit em hard. yo this nigga zane try's to claim he's a big rap cat run up on that nigga gave his ass a PIMP slap. I aint a gansta but I will clap the first nigga talkin shit like Mark Jindrak get ya face slam concert and suffer a lose "d" on ya forehead for Defeat bow at my feet flow cut nigga's shur nigga's like sheep punk as nigga's is get ya head choped off like john the baptist when ya asss is sleep. Bounce Ride takes over like the black water mist now come give my pinky with no ring kiss.

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