I never stayed my ass home I always thought that I was grown
In the traffic I was gone you see my head was made of stone
Got a problem with me?
Then feel free muthafucka Don't be talkin under yo breath
Cuz that might be the cause of your death
Cuz I'ma quick to stop a nigga in his tracks main
So lets get this shit out in the open
I used to like to go from the shoulders get em up, one on ones
Now it's a whole different ball game niggas that carry guns
A sucka will kill you first, and you will be layin in the hurst
Takin a deep ass sleep knowin it wasn't worth
Provin you wasn't a punk
Niggas don't want to thump
Niggas just want to funk and shot up a niggas trunk
I met a bitch last week at the Orgen Room
Bought her a drink and said "whats up on the telly room?"
Just then I felt some trouble kickin in
Spotted her X-boyfriend who had just got out the pen
Muthafuckas get to baulkin when the liquors talkin
Drunk muthafucka step on my toe and kept on walkin
I said "what's up with ya potna, say excuse me or somethin"
He turned around looked at me and started mean muggin
I guess he thought he pumped fear until I said
"Nigga don't you know I'll have you touchin everything in here"
He went for his pistol and didn't know I was strapin
Dag nab it, I had to let him have it

What type of nigga did he think you was E?
I know he didn't think that you were some kind of peanut or somethin.
He must of been retarded to the fact that you get a thrill out of killin
Now tell me somethin' why do muthafuckas wait till that nigga commits
Himself to realize that a hillside hillbilly is the wrong type of
Nigga to Fuck with? E do you feel me?
Yeah I feel ya sahob
Well lets take it to the next page then
Oh you mean that part about the dungeon?
You Knoowww!!!

The next morning, I'm sittin in the dungeon-wonderin
Should I be dissed nope I did it in self defense
I wasn't twisted, I hadn't even started yet
It happened to fast before someone could stop me
I wish I had some DANK WEED
While I wait out these 24 more hours before I plead
Freedom I'm gonna miss ya (I wish I had some dice)
Made me some dice out of some water and toilet tissue
Now this the part thats fucked up
I walks into the dayroom manner room what the fuck
I never thought that I would straight make ah
The front page of the newspaper
Shut up a do wop, shut up a do wop
Man they bout to send me up state ah

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