Please come back, I miss you, baby
Cґmon, each time, ayeah
Cґmon, each time, is the track blowinґ my mind, ayeah

Have you heard of a sayinґ
For those who are playinґ
You donґt know what youґve got ґtill itґs gone
Well, there was my calling
I knew I was falling
Into something that would be so wrong
But I caught hold of myself
And change for the better
I canґt get you out of my mind
ґCos something inside
Made me realize you were fine

Each time when weґre alone
I guess I didnґt know
How far we were appart
Shouldґve spoken to my heart
I guess I didnґt know
That each time youґd go away Iґd cry
I canґt take all these good-byes

I know from this feelinґ
Deep inside thereґs a heelinґ
I know that Iґm in controll
Every day I am yearninґ
This love I feel burninґ
Burninґ right through my soul
So letґs make the start
Of somethinґ that cannot be broken
The mould is so strong
Treat this love as a child
That grows into somethinґ worthwhile, ohh

Deep, love so deep
Deep, love so deep, yeah
I canґt take all these good-byes
Faithfully, I will be
You will see, please believe me
I canґt take all these good-byes

All the time we were alone
Guess I shouldґve really known
Baby, you have always been mine

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