Billy Ray was a preacher's son
And when his daddy'd visit he'd come along

When they gathered round and started talking
That's when Billy would take me walking,
All through the backyard we'd go walking,
Then he'd looked into my eyes,
Lord knows to my surprise

The only one who could ever reach me
Was the son of a preacher man
And the only boy who could ever teach me
Was the son of a preacher man
Yes he was, was, yes he was

[repeat intro]

Bein' good isn't always easy,
No matter hard I try,
When he started sweettalking to me,
He'd come and tell my everything is allright
He'd kiss it down and everything's allright
Can I get away again tonight ?

[repeat chorus]

Oh yes he was
How will I remember
The look within his eyes
Stealin' kisses from me on the sly
Takin' time to make time
Tellin' me that he's all mine
Learnin' from each other's knowin'
Looking to see how much we've grown

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