(feat. The Luniz)
You know The Luniz(yeah mean, yeah!)
Don't fuck with those guys man
Because they have this certain way of killing people
[Verse 1: Yukmouth]
Oh no, I think I see the po-po, but how
I'm outtie five thou wit my coke and a smile
Cause now, the cops will beat yo ass for no reason
Hopped in my shit, hit the strip, cause it's bitch season
Nigga be like love potion number nine
Espacilly after summer school, ho's wanna cruise to the house
Whip it out, bumpin some of Dru's hits
Cause that shit that she had was real
Perved off the purple head dank, so you know the deal
She gave it up smooth,
Fucked her to, "I Never Had A Love Like This"before the old school
Stephanie Mills, bitch let's go, we chill
Big flop, sideways out the parkin lot on three wheels
Downing 40's non stop, leavin fools
Dropped her off, didn't want her number
Cause the cock wasn't on cool
Went to the mall so I could get me these, K-Swiss
Seen my nigga Will&Chris parked at Mickey D's
But as I see, four thick pretty ho's
Jockin Will&Chris cause they be on show video's
Didn't even trip, cause a bitch thought I was large
Gave me a flyer, to a pool party off Mountain boulevard
I said, wassup my nigga C wanna go?
He said park that shit and hop yo ass in the benzo
We went to get the crew but Ted&Ali saw us
Now we on our way up they're wit eight other baller's
We walkin, smokin fatty's, skee thought we had a work
With the back to back caddy's
Throw up the sign, now it's all good
All hoodrat's jockin on our dicks, so you know that the????
We ridin out for some pussy, the bitch I fucked this afternoon
Told some men I raped her, how could she?
The nigga musta been her folks but
He's walkin 'round talkin shit, so I guess he wanna a low cut
But my crew couldn't wait
Meech&C&H started slammin hella nigga's threw da wooden gate
Kevy-Kev, and Will, was firin up bomb, wit my nigga's from the 6-5 Ville
Still, it's goin on, Dru and Tank in the corner gettin blunted
Niggas gettin the ass beat wit technique twelve hundred's
Cause in the(record skips), Oakland niggas don't play
Somebody from the Rollin 20's sprayed a AK
Cause ain't nothin but a G thang baby
Bitches hoppin out the pool wit G-strings
Runnin like crazy
Asses wiggling, didn't see no gentlemen
But I seen Dino pull the chopper out his pendelton
Numskull and Black Donnie was snatchin bitches swinsuits off
Wit Rappin Ronny, Asani, and Ant Banks pulled up on the set
Before I could speak, buff ass meaks
Had swamped them nigga's on they necks
Fuck gettin smoked, I got ghost wit superside
I think a few died, because of that hoo ride
[Verse 2: Numskull]
As usual, full of liqour, don't even give a fuck
Spotted a hoochie, but really don't know if she wanna give it up
She was all that, fuckable for certain
And if she got a nigga then what he don't know won't hurt him
She said her man was a playa hata
I started thinkin bout banks, but the pussy was on stank
She steady givin me actions, so what
Then i'm got some patna's wit me, so hey do you have some cuzzards
She laughed it off, but i'm serious
I got no answer, but I know it's cool, cause she curious
I'm steady watchin my back, cause I don't trust a ho
For as I know, but I still wanna fuck though
So i'm lougin, lookin for her nigga
She wanted to get drunk, and took a swig of my malt liqour
First, she was actin sneaky
The crazy H was in her system and she started gettin freaky
Her nigga seen what was happenin, he was gettin jealous
He was ready to swap, so he called his fella's
Dru Down had seen that nigga swearin up
He called Yuk, and C, so I think it's about fair enough
I heard some knuckle's crack, nigga's got boggled, black
The only thing I see is nigga's gettin stumbled back
They gettin stomped to a pulp
Seen some fool lookin like Shelton and choked his ass wit a????
Yukmouth was drop kickin nigga's like SPLINTER
When it was done, I seen hella nigga's injured
You betta think 'fore you step cause we high
Leavin busta's for dead, cause of that hoo ride
[Verse 3: Dru Down]
I had to checkmate this nigga
Listen to the trigger go bang, I seen my patna him slangin thangs
I mean dogs, so I said wassup y'all
They didn't know what was up so I coughed up my guts somethin fat
Somethin put that heat in that ass
I'ma make that ass fast, I'ma make that ass dash(goin down)
I said get off my folks black, and take that and this
And 'fore I spect wit my???bitch
Brotha's bein sucka's in the nine-trey, leadin to the nine-fo'
Gettin information from ho's
And as you know, that's a no-no, in the East "O"
Listenin to a bitch, startin shit, you got to go
The girls got yo head bent
I'm tellin you to check you bitch because the bitch fear
But now the nigga started actin high-powered
But I can see if yo ass had some dollar's
He let the ho get his into a bucket
Meech mopped that ass, he peeped the flash, and said fuck it
You know it's on, kicks to the dome
But I still can't see how that muthafucka made it home
We made sure he touched everything from the inside to the outside
Cause it's a hoo ride
[Dru Down]
Yeah, Luni muthafuckin tunes in the house
Nine-fo, Nine-three

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