(feat. The Luniz)
All the freaks come out tonight
Ain't no shootin, no stabbin no fights
It's so tough, oh in the "O" so rough
Skeez's skirt's the town so tight
All the freaks come out tonight
For the dough oh, on the ho stroll
[Verse 1:-Dru Down]
You got some money?(I got a tender)
And you can bend her over the table
But, be sure that you bring my stallion back to my stable
Say baby, everything was cool in the 80's
But now it's the 90's, and oh I got's to find me
One of them ladies, who be up in the closet
Come out on holiday's, and birthday's lookin sausage
The party's at the Henry J.Cozier
Ain't nothin but the X.O.,Tanqueray, I can't see no budwiser
Maybe a little bit of Cognac, that's phat
A little bit of entertainment, patna's that rap
No zapp's, stricly P.I.'s, V.I'S, and Playa O.G.'s
Them little freak nasty's that be rated VD
Be in the town daily in the candy mercedes
But ain't no freaks in the day
I wait fo' the night fo' ho's to get right
And wouldn't care if they're in pantie's
Or in skin tight leather zebra stripe's, it's midnight
[Verse 2: Yukmouth&Numskull]
This rap here....It goes for all you playa hata's
Handcuff your ho's....that goes for all you captain saver's
Peep, my major industry, gold teeth and diamond's, been grindin
For nine and half year's, now I'm rhymin
I'm the Fretmore like I'll be sure to drink X.O.
Petal to the metal in the Lexo
How we make em shout like the ????, when we step out the Ice Cream van
BIOTCH... don't you hear the music?
Trick's just loose it, they wanna hit the fluid
But mobb nigga's just do it like Nike, nobody like me
No fella's called me, but when I was just broke ass Jerold Ellis
They was all jesus,we just nigga's who went from wearin Fila's
To rockin Collar's and fluid's, and my adidas
Strapped up wit heater's, now when they nigga's need a mini 14
To spray nigga's, they say I got more cream
Once upon a time in the project's, show
Two briddy's had one I did, break em all from the East O
Figured out a plan, Num is my man, plotted like a gold-digger bitch
I ain't got end's, so I get tha shit
But I gotta change it around...
Walked her in the bathroom at Snaz Crib
Beat the cock up like she was gettin her ass kicked
After that I got my ass licked, and passed it to my homie's
Once, twice, now everynight she want's to bone me
She think she own me, talkin to my nigga bout marriage
("That's right I don't need no,blah,blah,blah, marriage")
The drunk talk, the drunk walk is what I gave her
The next thing I know she started screwin my neighbor(who dat be?)
And that be snack back hack, so bad he ran game on her
So pimpy doo, we ran train on her
So she let the thang take on her mind
Speak it on her like her pit tight
[Dru Down]
It's the same ol' freak after midnight
[Verse 3: Dru Down]
Girl, I rolls in dough like Pillsbury
"Tonight's The Night" like Kris Kross
So let's floss, I be in the midnight freaker tosser
Like saucer, puttin thangs down
Got to plan the man
Waitin for somebody like John Wayne, ready to pop the???????????????
No old school, say it's like "baby what's your name!"
Got at em pimpy doo word's, and I made em just for you baby
All ready can't see you, cause you locked up all the time
Two toast for my comfort, too tight like my Nikes
Hit the street's poundin, representin the West Coast sound
One in charge, wanna know the name, it's Mr.Down
Looks so right, sound's right, lit up the night
I never seen you before, so were ya been&were you been hidin?
Proably, havin a bad relationship, steadily fightin
Came to find me someone like yo, problem solver
The man you been you like night, sneak and creep, and wasn't a caller
Let's make it right, and the only way to make it right
Until the midnight, until the midnight


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