A Quick Prayer To The Patron Saint Of Dirty Rest A
Angles And Defenses
Black-Tie Knife Fight
Busy Signal At The Suicide Hotline
Code Breaking Hearts
Condoning The Use Of Inhalants
Highschool Slow Dance
How They Light Cigarettes In Prison
If God Loves A Good Winner... (Born To Break Even)
Last Weeks Minutes...
Living With The Awful Truth...
Mail Order Kindney
My First Restraining Order
Radio Tuned To The Sounds Of Hearts Breaking
Rock And Roll Killing Machine
Sadder Than Saturday
Supermarket Riot
Surveillance Footage Highlights
The More I Get To Know You The Less I Like You
The Truly Dangerous Nature...
The Unbearable Burden Of Always Being Right
This Years Most Fashionable Signs Of Weakness
Trouble Breathing
Weighted And Weighed Down
When People Become Numbers