С переводом

Angel Inside
Back 2 U
Back Off
Back to u
Beautiful Thing
Can I Trust You
Do You Wanna Dance
Don't Steal Our Sunshine
Dream & Puff Daddy---Angel Inside
Goodbye Radio
He Loves me he Loves You Not
He Loves U Not
He Loves U Not (Bad Boy Remix)
He Loves You Not
He Luvs U Not
Here Comes Summer
How Long (с переводом)
I Don't Like Anyone
I Dream
I Miss You Like Crazy
I Want You Around
I'm Here
In My Dreams
It Was All A Dream (Intro)
Jordan - (interlude)
Make A Change
Mr. Telephone Man
Open Up My Heart
Our Life
Our Prayer - (interlude)
Pain (с переводом)
Reality - (interlude)
Say It's Alright
Shawty Is Da Shid
Take Me As I Am
Talk Me Into It
This Is Me (с переводом)
This Is Me (Remix)
Waste Your Time On Me
Welcome To Avalon Heights
What we Gonna do About us
When i Get There
Why Me
Why Me Pt. 2