Gentle you were in your first presence, hazel to brown eyes
embraced innocence. We dressed eachother in colors of intrigu-
e, first words to each other sang comfort's melody. Childlike
was your first gracious allurement, her offering hands touched
mine in content. Laughter filled the air illuminated por-
traits, silence was the moment that gave dawn to this kiss.
Elation shined off our vivid souls, in waves of euphoria
emotions were thrown. Sunshine's fire in embodied eyes, so
full of truth and when we held! We held tight. Lifeless! So
lifeless! I felt her image sorrowed face nods to the ground,
grey clouds suffering was her sound. She screamed deep, but
desire claimed her collapse, gone to nothing then her frigid
mask. Her own remorse, her lifeless companion, tongue stained
in duplicity's song. Gentle hands stifle, I perishing suffe-
ring, this isn't her! This could never be her. Diminishing,
forsaken all, I, offeringentirity, left empty to cry. She
cried with me! Danced with me and kissed me, she was filthy in
lies, gentle, always. Lifeless, I say she left me lifeless!

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