A Sign From The Cryptic Winter
Action Please
Ancient Emporer
Awakening Of The Overthrown
Beat, Booze, The Hooker's Lose
Billy Gun
Bring Down The Roars
Call _3
Confront The 9
Dancing With Magic
Final Journey
Final Journey (Part Ii)
From The Cradle Goes The Bell
Give Me The Reason
How Sweet They Kill
Lost Behind Scars
Manipulated Destiny
Me And I
Next Living Obliging
No Matter What...
Second Palace
Seed From The Beast
Sideral Path Of Colours
Soul Damnation
Spiritual Mountain
Swine For A While, Pigs For A Week
Symphony Of The Goddess
Tears In Black
The Act Of Organic Plastic
The Blaze Of Valhalla
The Burning Maid
The Call
The Crystal Demon
The Face That Wouldn't Show
The Path
The Raven's Eye
To Seek Her Scent
View To The Dim
Weiv Ot Eht Mid